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I love writing and have an ever-inquiring mind. From fitness to cricket, to climate change, volcanoes, earthquakes, to feline fun and creative writing. If it tickles my interest, I want to know more about it. My background in journalism comes from years working in the industry as a journalist, specifically in sports. I am an avid cricket fan! Go Titans! With my two co-authors; my cats, Pretty and Lapilli we aim to make a difference and keep you informed, smiling and wanting more.

Mom Pat’s Digest

by Erika Southey In loving memory of Patricia Thorburn Anderson 31 May 1934 – 12 December 2017 A Toast “Cheers God!” Two profound words that would change my life forever. Let’s raise a glass to one of the most extraordinary individuals who changed lives by injecting...

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Death Toll Rises After Indonesian Tsunami

2018-12-24 by Erika Southey THE DEATH toll rose to 373 after an underwater landslide at Anak Krakatau sent a tsunami towards Sumatera and the Serang and Banten provinces, West Java. Volcanologists confirmed that Anak Krakatau is responsible for the devastation and...

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Etna Showing Signs of Activity

2018-12-24 by Erika Southey MOUNT ETNA started spewing ash and lava after creating a new fissure high up on its southeastern flank on December 24, 2018. In the wake of the Indonesian tsunami caused by an underwater landslide at Anak Krakatau; Etna made its own...

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The Purple Web – Going Underground

2018-12-21 MOST have heard of, or are familiar with the Dark Web.  First time I've heard of 'The Purple Web'. Not a stranger to email scams; of which the latest is a physical threat, which off-course can be averted - if I pay a nice sum of money in Bitcoin.  Chatting...

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Oumuamua – The Mystery Unfolds

9 December 2018 by Erika Southey OUMUAMUA 1I/2017 U1 made its way back into headlines after causing a stir in the astronomy community last year, when it fleeted through our solar system. A stellar object from another planetary system; Oumuamua captured the attention...

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