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Cosmic Claw Lapilli


So it’s round 3 of my boys’s stab at the Sunfoil 4-day series title.  My boys? The Multiply Titans off-course.

They have rocking fan shirts, players, a stadium AND a gym.  Anyone who can buy me two extra sleeping hours with my human, must be some master of a very advanced universe.

Claw-wrestled my human for one of their shirts once, but lost.  I mean REALLY! The audacity to pull the shirt from under me that was put on MY corner of the bed.  Possession is nine tenths of the claw.  She has the scar to prove it.

Anyway, what’s everyone’s problem with their game after two matches?  I think it was a ploy.  Someone must have mentioned fractions and division to them somewhere along the line.  Anyway, if you have nothing good to say about them, then #BeQuiet!  Just wait and see.  They bounce back faster than the Duracell Bunny on crack.  Who incidentally is alive and well and living ……………………………..

I quite enjoy the game of cricket, but don’t understand why the batsmen don’t know how to use their scratch posts properly.  Swinging it around wildly won’t sharpen their claws, but hey good entertainment anyway.  The bowlers should have someone throw their ball, so they can chase after it.  Good exercise.  Works well for me.  Toy mice and cable screws are my favourite items.  Screws should preferably still be in the wall.  Strength training. #BeFit.

I enjoy several other programs on the telly.  Do any of you also suffer parental guidance?  My mom  Pretty; sometimes yowls at a program and then the channel changes.  Only those who own an Oriental, Siamese or Peterbald (that’s me) will understand the noise level we can raise when unhappy with something.

The Crime and Investigation channel should really do proper research.  Tried to smother the hairdryer with a continental pillow, but the thing still works.  Chewing through the cord looks quite appetizing, but not when it’s still plugged in!

Oh time for my afternoon nap.  Have a clawsome day further.

I’m back. Quite a few weeks of heat, rain, thunder and even hail. At some point I grabbed for my earplugs.

Eventually I managed to watch my team on the tele. A clawsome purrformance by the Titans. What was up with my feline family, the Lions?

So hard to get access to the tablet to write, but thankfully I have my time booked.

Hello peeps, how are you all?

CosmicClaw to Centauri - Photo by Erika Southey

CosmicClaw to Centauri – Photo by Erika Southey

Weird stuff happen in Cape Town, I tell you. Like the Cobras fangs being pulled by the Titans last night among other things.  From the full moon close to earth to mighty waves to strange weather etc. etc. a cosmic mystery.

I definitely think that; that place is a planet on its own; if the Fruit Cake (human mommy) is anything to go by. Two o’clock episodes of being wide awake (rudely interrupting my cat nap) and chatting to mom Pretty and I, so in so that I also have some run-around the house episodes of late.  If we vibe we vibe.  The nightly adventures include going outside and looking at the stars, washing dishes (who the hell does that!!!!????), clean house (a double hell NO), reading cosmic books or whatever else is closest to the nightstand and then off-course bouncing ideas off us, Facebook (Mousebook) and Twitter.

She’s totally off the charts when returning from a trip to Cape Town.  Time spent in the mother-ship does her good though.

It’s quite an experience living with a Capetonian who might I add; cheers for the Multiply Titans.  What’s with changing their first name ever so often?  Last they were Unlimited – now they Multiply.  Kind of a maths thing going on?
I reiterate – I think they must be creatures from an advanced universe (my mom Pretty is convinced).  Fruit Cake’s been gymming at the Titans’s gym for the last couple of months.  This bought us an additional 2 hours of cuddling up with her at night, more tuna and chicken salads (meaning we get our portion) and lots of extra energy to play catch with us.

Anyway back to my original point I wanted to make. So there were the naysayers predicting my boys would lose to the Cobras last night (16/11/2016).  There goes the Paarl Oval thing of no team ever winning when chasing a score of 140. Suckers!!!!!  Must admit, things looked bad, but so many forget how the Titans can bounce back.  So some of the batsmen had a bit of a bad day at the office.  Who of their critics haven’t had a few of those.  My advice – #BeQuiet.

There goes the phone – toodles peeps.

Hi Peeps, over a year and a newly introduced Mzanzi League later, Durban is certainly heating up. Between tempers and humidity that is.  I’m not exactly sure what’s up with my cricket boys.  Anyway, the jury is still out on this one.
My take on the story is best illustrated in the piccie below.  Mom Pretty – ….. turned her back to the screen.

Still love my team.

Oh yes, some may wonder what happened to me.

Over a year ago, mom Pretty and I were unceremoniously moved to a place with a huge water bowl.  Ends up it’s Durban with its beautiful coastline and view from my personal balcony.
Quite a change with so much happening.  Saddest was the passing of Granny Cat (mom Pat) on 12/12/2017.  She used to speak to us over the phone.

Will write some more later …..