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Of all the humans on this entire globe; I end up with the ‘fruit cake’. I love my human mommy though. A CATch made in heaven.
Fruit cake? Some know exactly what I mean. So much for beauty sleep between 02:00 am until she decides to fall asleep again! Afterall, I was born LaMaska My Pretty. The whole wide awake at weird hours thing is just one of her quirks I’m trying to figure out. The astronomy and volcano thing I get. Yep, I must listen to her ideas at that time of the morning. From poetry to the odd cup of chamomile tea; I must listen. I throw in the odd sleepy comment.
You’re probably asking WTH???!! A cat?! I watch NatGeo and Discovery too. It’s not just a human thing. Love the confusion about the ‘last channel she watched isn’t the same as the one displayed’, when she gets home. Remote controls; such a great invention.
Okay, let me back up for a second to how this became my home.
I wasn’t always a pet you know. I used to be a Queen. A surrogate mommy for humans who wanted to adopt four-legged ‘children’. I decided it was time to retire and hoped for my ‘forever’ home. In walked she. She absolutely fell in love with one of my babies.
Several weeks later on the Friday – she came to collect LaMaska Lapilli (term for volcanic ash – go figure).
Lapilli missed me and hid away, which caused my now mommy to stress. I was waiting for that phone call. My temporary mommy (some refer to her as a breeder) took me to her place to help Lapilli settle in. Ha-ha-ha, as I set paw in her house I knew I was finally home. I made a bee-line for her, struck up a conversation and started to rub against all items just to say hi. Lapilli appeared as if nothing was wrong.
The breeder and her took one look at each other. Priceless! They realised, I wasn’t going to leave.
I’m sure that most of you figured it out. This was planned from the word ‘go’. See, when she came to fetch Lapilli, I was the first to greet her. I ‘spoke’ to her while she waited. T’was like she understood what I was ‘saying’. Lapilli knew what to do.
Time flies when you reminisce. Best get some cat naps before 02:00 arrives.
Toodles till later. I still have a lot to share.