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fb_img_147569715151510 February 2017

The scientific things we have and enjoy were born from creative thoughts. The so-called Sci-fi movies also stemmed from free-thinking creative minds. For these minds to produce these great and profound works; they must have been exposed to a vision or had a preview of another dimension yet to come.
Go through history of movies depicting certain things that weren’t even evident in that specific era, but yet a few years later it became commonplace.
As if current Sci-fi fiction isn’t going to be commonplace in the near future.

stellar map
by Erika Southey

i gaze upon the starry night
my mind takes flight to an era long passed
where ancient mariners found their way
gazing at the stellar map
as upon the seas their guidance cast

such clear skies dazzling aglow
of countless splendour
a priceless show

for humanity to enjoy

yet like ancient times
for others a map to find their way


somewhere in this vast universe; is another soul who understands profound thoughts and experiences without frowning when it’s being explained -Erika Southey-

Diamonds are formed under pressure. Keep going when you feel like giving up. Every gripping story has a powerful ending. Create a legacy. -Erika Southey-