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Astro Therapy
by Erika Southey

intricately, simply holding my gaze
tilting my head several degrees
brightly shining
caressing my eyes
easing my mind
soothing my thoughts

Orion, Sirius – Jupiter serene
if only I could melt into;
your presence supreme

Cosmic Judges
By Erika Southey

like a panel of judges
the celestial constellation observes earth
witnessing earthly creatures unfold
from birth to their fragile death

in quiet cosmic brilliance
the stars illuminate earth
as if to shed light
on humanity’s hidden deeds

among the cosmic community
the Creator patiently dwells
lovingly waiting
for individuals to change their ways

it is written that a the day will be
when stars will come to us
falling on certain areas of darkness
exposing their disgrace

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