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Dwelling in Spheres
by Erika Southey

to float in galaxies
whilst dwelling on earth
gives dreams, visions and hope
a re-juvenated birthblackholerarepair

to run with the wind
while walking with friends
gives confidences and trials
different outcomes and sweet ends

to live within unlimited walls
while existing in a given environment
gives endless options and means
to a soul not bound by establishment

Crystalline Journey
by Erika Southey

with drawn breath at your crystalline dress
for a moment i’m caught in your mesmerizing pallor

my soul cries with secret prayers held
as I look beyond the fourth dimension
to catch a glimpse of Father God

my spirit travels light years ahead
so swiftly – so effortlessly
to that place of all prayers offered

Spirit and spirit exchange messages.
so beautifully interpreted and not misunderstood

calm, joy and rest come into my soul
reminding me I’m back on the steps at home
where I started this journey towards the stars

now I understand the saying
“Be still and know I AM God”

Metaphysical Delight
Erika Southey

Descartes and Aristotle one day pondered this thought.
one said there are no miracles
the other said there is a God

before them and after
the topic – hot
still centuries, aeons and atoms later
it remains an ensuing debate

metaphysical thinkers always saw
beyond this age-old debate
understanding the mystery
experiencing God’s artistic palette

stealing away to the galaxy – bright and dark
a sight so beautiful – with the contrast so stark
experiencing the celestial supreme – cannot be conveyed
unless you are a fellow metaphysical sojourner
who’ve tasted a bit of God’s Cosmic Delight