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MOST have heard of, or are familiar with the Dark Web.  First time I’ve heard of ‘The Purple Web’.

Not a stranger to email scams; of which the latest is a physical threat, which off-course can be averted – if I pay a nice sum of money in Bitcoin.  Chatting to a few of the brilliant minds in Cyber Security – the term ‘The Purple Web’ came up.

Let’s cut to the chase – these individuals are not exactly entities you want to cross paths – least of all; swords with.

What do they do, and what makes them so scary?

Turns out they are an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) dealing with the dark elements operating on the dark web.  Who has seen or heard of the series ‘Dexter’?  Same concept, but they (The Purple Web); consider it ‘community service’.  Simplicity rules when busy with a complex concept that shouldn’t draw attention.  Off-course – it will easily be overlooked as another work of fiction.

Okay, this kind of had a few shivers run down my spine.

Ever so inquisitive and needing to get the lowdown of what’s going down; I established that The Purple Web operates under the code name ‘Dexter’.  Apparently they are so anonymous; that key governmental intelligence agencies world-wide, even terrorist groups (you know who you are) and mafia hit-men contracted key geological surveys and volcano observatories to try and find them.  They’ve gone that far; in terms of ‘underground’.  I’m thinking Area 51 and Camp 13 material.

Who are these people – entities?

The only names I got; off-course are not real names.  Allegedly, they’re a closed group consisting of the founders: CEO (yip you guessed – code name ‘Krypton’, CFO code name ‘Network’ that include full-time associates: The Sherrif (someone shot the ….), Bishop (as in: what’s your next move?), The Bones Collector (speaks for itself), The Terminator (no brainer) and the Puppet Miss-Stress (medieval torture methods – as in ‘stress fracture’).  Where unable to perform neutralization; they have contacts to take care of a ‘situation’.

They’ve allegedly, already neutralized several dark web criminal elements called operation ‘Cacao Slab’.

What do they charge?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

I cannot establish compensation; considering that it requires monetary resources to ‘take care’ of a situation.

How do you contact them?

You don’t; they find you ……