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Photo by Erika Southey 2009: A flower blooming on the flanks of Anak Krakatau active volcano

By Erika Southey

Straight from the pages of a cataclysmic thriller with all the elements you need to keep you holding on to the edge of your seat – the last year and a half seemed to have come to ‘life’; playing out in our living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, front lawns, backyards – every nook and cranny of our homes – OUR lives! 

Like tsunamis, tidal waves, hurricanes coming from each direction closing in on us – some have felt the weight of Covid caving in on them.  Devastated lives, frazzled human beings – fragile emotions. Losses of loved ones. Loss of income. Need I say more? 
Many lives were and are still being devastated, crippled and paralyzed; by the psychological effect this brutal virus left in its wake.

Alas!!!! No Marvel Comic characters to magically come and save the day.  No magic book or guide on ‘How To’.

Makes me think of one scene from The Perfect Storm (based on a true event) where a fishing boat the Andrea Gail’s crew caught between two massive waves as a result of a hurricane fought hard, but lost the battle.
Captain Billy Tyne’s words “This bitch is not going to let us go” stands out if I look around me.
From a global perspective (our case) – the BIAATCH is Covid and its distinguished line of cohorts.
Buckle up B*****S!!! (Yip, even stronger terms I am sure some of you have for it; that are unpublishable) – we may have lost the battle, but we WILL win this War.

Marvel Comic characters emerged from within our own ranks. Ordinary heroes. From frontline workers to individuals who rolled up their sleeves to help combat this virus in every way they can.
Individuals pulling together and following protocol – giving up every pleasure that we took for granted before Covid came.
Covid and those making profit from misery didn’t keep account of the triumph of the human spirit! 

In the midst of the devastation with the help of technology – so many connected and suddenly man-made and yes ocean-made borders were crossed.    People started sharing ways to cope with this enemy and its cohorts.  Tips and tricks ranging from deep to humorous were shared on how to make it through another day.  Catering for every emotional need; media popped up like mushrooms (deadly to morbidity) to sow hope, humour and strategy to combat the effects of this virus.

Not your typical toothpaste advertisement stuff. Keep smiling, but be real. Be kind to ourselves, it’s okay to cry. Simply straight from the heart – speak from experience-type nuggets.
We were suddenly reminded that money, status and power isn’t the primary life-giving forces. It’s God, human interaction and innate values that separate us from every other living being and organism.

I personally experienced the death of three loved ones in my close circle within the space of 2 months. 
It’s hard.  It’s surreal sometimes, and when something reminds me of them it brings me down.  I asked and still ask – why them?

Yet, I said to myself – I am in the land of the living.  Make the most of every day.  It’s tough to make that mind-shift and not lie down and just let go and let all the misery and bad news suck you in to a point where death looks attractive. 

Yes it’s okay to mourn the deaths of loved ones and to celebrate their memory. 
However move forward every day – second by second.  Especially in this time where social-distancing (so very against human nature) is rife.
Pray, meditate, speak up and reach out to those people who make you feel good about yourself, but also validate yourself.  You’re here for the NOW! You’re spared to bless others with your unique flavour and be blessed in return.

Being told what a blessing you are or that you made a difference to a person’s day – even life by just saying something makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  I’m sure most of you would agree. You may have said something that even stopped another from committing suicide.

Everyday heroes; writing our own stories for the generation after us to discover.  Journals, blogs, post-stick-its, scraps of crumpled paper, Vlogs, logs like a Star Trek movie – our story and spirit will live on.

Love, Hope, Kindness – From Tragedy to Triumph.

So, like some of my predecessors said – put a feather in your hat, sing and adding a bit of spice – flip Covid and its cohorts off.

We have something stronger that doesn’t cost a thing. We have God our Creator, prayer, spirit and spunk to leave a good legacy behind for generations to come, who may even face bigger challenges. They’re going to need our legacy.

Spread Faith, Hope and Love; of which the greatest is Love. 

Let’s revert back and continue to be the love generation.

What? Row row row your boat?  Nah, I am launching my rocket to take this attitude into space. 
Who’s up for the ride?