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I love writing and have an ever-inquiring mind. From fitness to cricket, to climate change, volcanoes, earthquakes, to feline fun and creative writing. If it tickles my interest, I want to know more about it. My background in journalism comes from years working in the industry as a journalist, specifically in sports. I am an avid cricket fan! Go Titans! With my two co-authors; my cats, Pretty and Lapilli we aim to make a difference and keep you informed, smiling and wanting more.

The Purple Web – Going Underground

2018-12-21 MOST have heard of, or are familiar with the Dark Web.  First time I've heard of 'The Purple Web'. Not a stranger to email scams; of which the latest is a physical threat, which off-course can be averted - if I pay a nice sum of money in Bitcoin.  Chatting...

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Oumuamua – The Mystery Unfolds

9 December 2018 by Erika Southey OUMUAMUA 1I/2017 U1 made its way back into headlines after causing a stir in the astronomy community last year, when it fleeted through our solar system. A stellar object from another planetary system; Oumuamua captured the attention...

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Cosmic Claw – Letters from Durban

Over a year later that involved a 500 plus km move to Durban adding another cricket team (Hollywoodbets Dolphins) to the mix - I finally took to the keyboard.  So where was I? At first I was not impressed with the fruitcake (my human), unceremoniously dragging us to a...

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by Erika Southey 15 December 2017 OUMUAMUA, an interstellar object has caused quite a bit of speculation, a stir and captured the interest of many an Astrophile.   The worldwide web is rife with various reports of this oddly shaped object. Some even thought it to...

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by Erika Southey 15 December 2017 SUPERSPORT PARK is preparing for an epic showdown taking place between the Hollywoodbets Dolphins and Multiply Titans on 16 December 2017. The Titans showed good form throughout the 2017/2018 Ram Slam T20 challenge, whereas the...

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